A total of 160 guests including representatives of  Mongolian, British and European reputable public organisations were in attendance at  this important charitable event.


Enke Enhkargal Danzanbaljir, President of ADMWE, Director of the Mongolian Bank Office in London opened the awards ceremony. In her opening speech she noted that the event is not only aimed at celebrating the achievements of Mongolian women in Europe, but also to raise awareness of and work towards reducing domestic violence and to protect mothers and children’s rights. Any income that was  generated through the event will be used to fund further events to combat violence against women and children, such as a global campaign ‘Peace One Day – Reducing  Domestic Violence’.

 She also expressed her gratitude to all the supporting organisations Monpolymet, Munkhiin Useg Ltd, Mongol-Temuulel-Saihan Mongol Opon NGO. UFC, PWC, Rio Tinto, BEUS Ltd and the guests.





At the end of her speech, the President invited Christina Noble, Founder and Head of ‘Christina Noble Children’s Foundation’ , who has been working tirelessly for the wellbeing of Mongolian children and youth, on to the stage. Christina Noble introduced her Foundation’s activities and projects in Mongolia and provided a good detailed insight into the current social situation of vulnerable children in Mongolia. She called on all women to join forces to combat all forms of violence against children.


The young Mongolian singer, rising star B.Bayartsetseg supported the event and entertained the guests.

Untitled.png 1

 14 nominees from Germany. Italy, Sweden, Spain and Britain were nominated for five categories at this year’s awards ceremony – Top Businesswoman, Top Humanitarian Woman, Top Public Sector Woman and Top Female Student.

The ‘Top Public Sector Woman’ award was presented to Ts. Gantuya,  The Honorory Consul of Mongolia in Italy by John Grogan, Chairman of the British Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Ms.Chimgee, Head of the Mongolian Social Democratic Women’s Association of Sukhbaatar District.


The ’Top Business Woman’ award was presented to  A.Delgermaa,  Owner of EBIMON Japanese and Europe cuisine in Sweden by designer Oyuna,  founder of OYUNA CASHMERE to A.Delgermaa,  Owner of EBIMON Japanese and Europe cuisine in Sweden.


The ‘Top Female Artist’ award was presented to pianist Sayantsesteg who toured 20 countries by  Tsendmaa, Head of Mongol Temuulel-Saihan Mongol NGO and Anna Stevens , Human Resources  and Copper Affairs Director of Rio Tinto.


The ‘Top Humanitarian Woman’ award was awarded to O.Bujinlham, Head of  Mon-Toyoko Support Society by Christina Noble, Head of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation and S.Uyanga, Vice Counsel of the Mongolian Embassy in the UK.

The ‘Top Female Student’ award was presented to G.Tsetsegmaa, Head of Mongolian British Students Association, International Relations Student of Leeds University by N.Nomin-Erdene , Head of Mongolian National Association in Sweden and Ildiko Gergeli , Senior Legal Consultant of Clyde and Co.


 Woman of the Year 2013

“The Woman of the Year“award was presented to S. Tungalagtuya, Owner of Luxury Hairdressing Studio who won  Wedding Hairdressing Style at the British Hairdressing competition 2013  by David Scott,  the Mongolian Honorary Consulate in Scotland  and Enke Enhjargal Danzanbaljir, Director of the Represenative Office of the Mongolian Bank in London.


An ‘Honorary Woman’ tribute was made to D.Oyunchimeg from Nottingham who has raised her four children well and set good examples to others by D.Mart, Director of Mongolian Cultural Centre.

Untitled.png15 An ‘Honorory Mother of the Year’ tribute was paid to Dalaihuu, age 75 and L.Ichinhorloo, age 67, Pediatrician by B.Altansuvd, CEO of ADMWE and Ts.Bayarmaa, Board Member of ADMWE.


In her closing speech at the end of the event, B. Mart, the Director of the Mongolian Cultural Centre said that event has been a great success as it attracted an increasing number of nominees from all over Europe and more successful women were honoured to inspire others. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated and supported the event and wished everyone all the best and success in the future.







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