Welcome statement by
Co-founder of the Association for the Development of Mongolian Women in Europe,
Director of the London Representative office of the Bank of Mongolia,
Ms Enke Enkhjargal Danzanbaljir to “ Women of the Year 2013 Awards Ceremony”

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Distinguished guests,

It is my great honor and privilege to welcome you most warmly this evening to the Women of the Year 2013, the second awards ceremony. The Association for the Development of Mongolian Women in Europe in cooperation with the Mongolian Cultural Centre in Great Britain is pleased to host this event, which is designed to celebrate the success and achievements of the Mongolian women in Europe.

The 1st of June is a special day for all of us to come together to celebrate. It is Mother’s and Children’s Day, a public holiday in Mongolia.


I am delighted to welcome all the distinguished guests. You have travelled from all regions of the world to be present at this important event. I thank the honored guests for accepting the invitation of the Women of the Year awards ceremony.
Today, we are proud of that the Women of the Year awards ceremony is spread into Europe and many representatives of EU countries such as Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain besides the UK are nominated to the second awards ceremony. We are also happy to have honored guests and prominent women from Mongolia and the Britain for this evening. I am pleased to see many powerful and potential women in this hall. I am fully confident that your knowledge, experience and expertise will provide important insights on strengthening the women’s network for the empowerment of women.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all sponsors, Mongolian Dream, Beuc Co, Monipoliment, Munkhiin Useg, PwC, Rio Tinto, UFC group for making this event possible. Without them we cannot make this wonderful event. So our deep appreciation goes to those who supported us both financially and spiritually.

According to UN research at least one in three women are victims of domestic violence in their life times. Raising awareness and engaging in actions on domestic violence saves lives. By joining and participating the initiatives of Peace One Day and Reducing Domestic Violence initiative, we will make a significant contribution towards the creation of a more peaceful and sustainable world.

In this regard, our following movement is focused on this important initiative and the raised money from today’s event will be dedicated to the elimination of domestic violence against children and women.

I am personally very proud of strong Mongolian women who are working and living abroad. Once told by Bettford “…They are Modern Day Queens”. I wish you all the best and enjoy the evening.
Now, I invite the founder of Christina Nobel Children’s Foundation, Mrs. Christina Nobel, to address you.
Thank you.

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