Mrs Mariyahan Bapish was born in Ulaangum rural district of Bayan-Ulgii province, Mongolia on 18th November 1932.
Till she was 18 years old she lived with her parents, looking after 7 of her siblings along the way.
Between 15 to 18 years of age she studied at school in Ulaangum and completed her secondary education there.
In 1950 she got married to Mr U.Kambar they had five sons and four daughters. One of her sons was adopted by her father upon birth and one of her daughter’s died in 2008. Now, she is nearly 80 years of age living a healthy, happy life with her 7 children and 37 grandchildren.
In 1953 she moved to Ulaanbaatar City with her husband Mr Kambar since then she has been living in UB. Mrs Mariyahan has been working in the State Department store till she had retired.
While her husband Mr Kambar taught in the Party Institute as well as dedicating his time to his academic work, Mrs Mariyahan spent all her life raising her children, whilst supporting her husband’s work.
Her husband wrote a total of 123 study books, revision guides and academic research books. He was awarded Mongolian Outstanding teachers award, senior lecturer and then become professor this shows how Mrs Mariyahan was hard working and loyal to her husband, as we say behind every great man, there is a great woman.
In her spare time she taught herself how to sew and knit, she had provided all her children’s clothing by making it herself as well as taking peoples orders such as knitting cashmere clothing (dresses, scarves, gloves, jumpers, jackets etc…) all according to her customer’s needs and designs. She also taught her daughters all her talents which she is very proud of. Mrs Mariyaham was awarded 2nd Greatest Mother Award on 5th of March 1963 then the 1st Greatest Mother award on 2nd of March 1972.
She is currently living with her youngest daughter and her son in Flat 404 Building 73, 3rd Horoo Bayan-Zurh district, Ulaanbaatar.
12th of March 2012

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