“Woman of the Year – 2017” Awards ceremony 

‘Woman of the Year 2017’ awards ceremony was held on the evening of May 27th at the ceremony hall of the Marriott Hotel in Paris.

The ‘Woman of the Year’awards ceremonies are truly our favourite event, each year. So far, 2017 has shown us women globally excelling in their profession. To highlight just a few, we saw numerous Mongolian women elected as MP’s in Mongolia,and witnessed the second female Prime Minister take office in the UK. Strong, brave, professional, beautiful women worldwide have shown us that one can achieve and do great things. Now in its 6th year, ‘Woman of the Year’ is for the first time being hosted in, the city of lights, Paris.  At the Women of the Year Awards evening, ADMWE honoured inspiring Mongolian women from across Europe in many fields. We congratulate them and we wish them every success in their future.

We hope you will find stories and women to be inspired by. And with that, we are pleased to introduce our ‘Woman of the Year 2017’ awards winners:

  1. ‘Woman of the Year in Business’: Ms Sarangerel, Founder of Sarangerel Cashmere brand


  1. ‘Woman of the Year in Humanitarian’: Ms Solongo Trempl, Founder of the Otgonbayar Foundation, Germany


  1. ‘Student of the Year’: Ms Ikh-Udval, City University London, Founder and President of the Coding Society, UK


  1. ‘Woman of the Year in Art and Sport’: Singer Myagmarsuren.B, France


  1. ‘Best NGO of the Year’ “Эв нэгдэл” NGO, Belgium


ADMWE’s effort and contribution to promoting to eliminate domestic violence has been recognized by the Mongolian Ministry of  Foreign Affair. Representatives from the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affair presented ‘Алтан гэрэгэ’ award to Ms. Oyuna. Ts Founder of cashmere brand “Oyuna”, Ms. Enkhjargal.D President of the ADMWE and Ms Odontuya Adyadorj, CEO of the ADMWE.


Since its establishment, ADMWE has dedicated its wide range of activities to empowering, developing and supporting Mongolian women, which includes business networking, career development, women’s health as well as combating violence against women and children.

A total of ₮35 million was spent to organise this event from which we raised ₮10 million. The fund raised through this event and all proceed will go to charity campaigns that aim to eliminate domestic violence against children and women in Mongolia. (Please see the work report of ADMWE since 2011: www.facebook.com/admw2011)

ADMWE was delighted that Naran.S, famous Mongolian pop singer, performed at the awards ceremony and we would like to specially thank Ms Onchinsuren Dendevsambuu CEO, Deloitte Mongolia for sponsoring Naran’s concert. Naran has represented Mongolia on the stages of UNESCO, the UN and the Bolshoi Theatre showcasing Mongolian talent and culture to the world as well as representing Mongolian women and surely giving inspiration to many. Thank you Naran, your performance was flawless.

During the evening event, we were presented with a fashion show, previewing Sarangerel Cashmere’s beautifully crafted A/W17 collection, Mongolian contortionist and Mongolian national folk music performances were unique. Our charity auction and raffles successfully raised ₮10 million. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one involved in our auction and raffles as well as members of ADMWE who donate tirelessly every year for this wonderful cause, I could name them all night long.

Without assistance and sincere support from all, this humanitarian evening event would not be successful therefore on behalf of the ADMWE we would like to thank the following organisations, companies and authorities:

Парис дахь Умардын Монголчууд нийгэмлэг

Supported us tremendously in terms of organising both events, we hope to work together again in the future.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia

For not only supporting our event but also for recognising our hard word. Thank you for the awards!

Mr. M.Batsaikhan  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to France and his team

We would like to thank for their invaluable assistance and sincere support for us to successfully organise the “Women in Green Business” international business forum.

UNESCO, Ms Uyanga Sukhbaatar Secretary General of the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO

Without her dedication and professionalism this event would not reach its highest potential

Clyde & Co International Law Firm and Brown Rudnick LLP

Supported ADMWE from the very beginning and officially one of the ADMWE’s most dedicated supporters. This year we awarded Mr. Steven Tricks ‘The Best International Contributor’. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Deloitte Mongolia

You were the star of the evening ceremony, I am certain that every one who attended enjoyed Naran’s performance. Thank you again.

Marriott Group

Special thanks goes to Mrs. Nandintsetseg Finance Director of the Marriott Group – You helped us enormously to finding the venue and guests stay at the Marriott Hotel.


Mongolian National Airline – The second year supporting us by giving ticket for our raffles as well as discounted travel for our guest arriving from UB.

Oyuna Cashmere

Even though she is one of the ADMWE’s board members she continued to support us from the day we are founded. We wish you every success for your future.

Oxondon Coaching

Supporting us for a second year providing valuable coaching. Thank you for all your help.

Бойтог брэнд

Thank you for supporting our event. We wish you great success for your business.

Sarangerel Cashmere Brand

Ms Sarangerel, Founder of Sarangerel Cashmere brand and our “Woman of the Year in Business” awards winner. We congratulate you and wish you every success for your future ventures. Hope you will be an inspiration to many others and many of the Mongolian women follow your steps.

Ayura Moda – Thank you for supporting our event, Ayura Moda has actively supported our event by donating her products to our auctions. Thank you.

“Мөнхийн үсэг“ ХХК- Mongolian brand located in UB, Mongolia.  They never fail to make these amazing awards, creating memories to cherish for a life time.

Lhamour брэнд– Currently considered as the ‘it’ brand in Mongolia. Mongolian eco-friendly cosmetic brand that has supported our auction. We wish you great success and hope to see your brand internationally soon.

UFC – Without being biased, all Mongolians say that Mongolian vodka is the best and without a toast any party would not be complete. Thank you for your kind support.

State Bank – Thank you for your support.

Finally, a big thank you to our dedicated ADMWE board members (Please see our board members page) and to all the other individuals who have supported our efforts.


Happy Mothers Children’s  day


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