The Association for the Development of Mongolian Woman in Europe successfully organised the third “Woman of the Year” awards ceremony on Mongolian Mothers and Children’s day in London on 31st May 2014.

This event was organised to not only celebrate the success and achievements of Mongolian women in Europe on the Mothers and Children Day in Mongolia, it also aimed to raise funds to reduce domestic violence in Mongolia. The charity gala event raised around 6 million Mongolian tegregs, with most of it being donated to elimination domestic violence against children and women.

More than 100 participants attended, such as representatives from British business companies , representatives from the Mongolian government, distinguished guests from Mongolia and other Mongolian NGO representatives from European countries.

3 The guest of honor was Alderman and Sherif Sir Paul Judge, passionate supporters of not – for –profit organisations, founder of Cambridge Judge business school, Sheriff of the City of London, Head of the British Criminal Supreme court, expressed in his speech at the event, his support for the Association for Mongolian Women in Europe and praised their initiatives against domestic violence.

A member of the Mongolian Parliament, Minister of Health Ms N. Udval congratulated the ADMWE for their charity work. Ms Udval’s greeting:
“£10.000 donation from the ADMWE was spent on providing comprehensive information on the prevention from STI and educational activities related to the subject among students and the youth particularly aged between 16-18 years old, conducting medical examination and provide advice amongst girls and young women. This was certainly very helpful for many young Mongolian.” 

“Neg ye” Mongolian Women’s sports team also sent us a wonderful “Sports” Greetings from the Czech Republic, which was indeed very entertaining!

The President and co-founder of the Association for the Development of Mongolian Women in Europe, Ms Enke Enkhjargal Danzanbaljir warmly welcomed guests to the “Woman of the Year-2014” the third annual awards ceremony.
In her opening speech: “Not only do we want to celebrate Mongolian women’s successes we also want to draw public attention to one of the most shocking phenomena that still exist in our society – domestic violence. The ADMWE aims to raise funds to fight against violence and help to reduce domestic violence. A proportion of the donations generated by the ADMWE’s charity event will fund  the annual “Peace Day to reduce domestic violence” globally organized by Peace One Day on 21th September 2014 which creates unity by organizing a sports competition.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of the ADMWE for everyones support of this humanitarian event.”

Singing about the Universe of beautiful women for the past 20 years Mr G.Erdenebat the Meritorious Artist of Mongolia, accepted our invite to sing at this ceremony and came from Mongolia to support Mongolian women who live and work abroad. His melodies and greeting songs were widely appreciated by guests and certainly advertised the Mongolian music culture to foreigners, which was a proud moment for all Mongolians at the event.
Last year, we had nominations from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. This year, we have nominations from more countries such as the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Romania in addition to Sweden and Italy. From the UK, we have nominations from Scotland and Midlands.

” Women of the Year -2014″ awards ceremony selected the following


58    Best Woman in Science 

Tamiraa Ganbold (Italy)


The Best Female Student 

Baasandelger Batbekh (Italy)



7The Woman in Business

Oyuntsetseg Fleming (Scotland)


The Best Woman in Charity 

Davaa Molom (Holland)



 Woman Of The Year

Sarantuya Gayabazar (Romania)



The Best Women’s Sports Team (Czech Republic)

   Special prize 

Enk's photo

Enkhe Yura  ( Nottingham UK)

Awards was presented by Social Democracy  Women and Youth organizations President Ts.Tsogzolmaa.

We would like to thank again to the following organizations and companies  for sponsoring and supporting our event

Mongolian Ambassador Mr. Tulga and his team
Rio Tinto global mining company,
“Dot Creation” студи
Clyde &Co global legal firm
Mongolian business entities:
, Golomt Bank,
Bishrelt Holding
Dot Creation media group
Blue Mon
Mongolian business entrepreneurs in the UK:
Oyuna from Oyuna cashmere,
Urangoo from Anir Day Spa
Brilliant service, support and help have been received from
Tara Copthorne Hotel.
Social Democratic Women and Youth organizations,
Mongolian United associations,
Family group and Gerelt Od,
Mongolian Trade and Business Council,
Narmandakh Luvsan Senior Regional Adviser of the Poverty Environment Initiative from UN Switzerland,
the East Midlands Mongolian Education Centre,
Mongolian groups and associations in Sweden, Netherland, Czech Republic and UK.

Once again we are very happy to announce the ADMWE amassed 6 million tegregs in donations and we are preparing to spend this for Mongolians to reduce domectic  violence.

To See full details please visit to our website

The ADMWE is very proud of all the strong Mongolian women who are working and living abroad…once told by Bettford “…They are Modern Day Queens” and wishing all the best to all the magnicifient Mongolian women that bring Mongolia’s name to the world and we hope all your dream come true.

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