The fourth Mongolia London Business Forum sponsored by Baz International, Clyde & Co international law firm and Golomt Bank took  place at the Clyde and Co London headquarters, located at the heart of the UK’s financial district, on 26th September 2014.  The business forum, hosted by Clyde and Co focused on opportunities for British businesses and investors in Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

ADMWE’s CEO Ms. Altansuvd Brewin has actively organised this years business forum along with Mr. John Grogan, the chairman of the British Mongolian Chamber of Commerce.

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The keynote speaker of the seminar Mr. Bat-Uul Erdene, Mayor and Governor of Ulaanbaatar presented the ‘Vision for Ulaanbaatar City’ where he highlighted the main development projects within Ulaanbaatar’s Master Plan 2020.

The seminar consisted of a panel of Mongolian participants Mr. Gankhuyag of Ard Financial Group, Mr. Byambasaikhan from NovaTerra, Mr. Batsaikhan, Mongolian Opportunity Fund, Mr. Amaraa, MGC Aurora as well as panels of British Businesses contributing to the development of Ulaanbaatar Mr. Yury Mandzhiev, Bank of New York Mellon, Mr. Iain Watt of Cairneagle Associates, Mr. Philip Rogers, Clyde & Co, Mr. Graham McDarby, Gradon Architecture, Mr Peter Head, Ecological Sequestration Trust and around 100 people attended

The forum concluded with Mr. Stephen Tricks, Clyde & Co and Mr. Byambatsogt Sandag MP, Leader of the Mongolian People’s Party in the Great Khural’s speech, where he said, “ To attract foreign investment by creating favorable tax and a business friendly environment the Mongolian government is continuing to take a number of measurements. Meeting with business representatives in London, the global financial center, and participating in this economic forum will certainly contribute value in our two countries trade and economic bilateral cooperation”.



ADMWE board members, interpreter and translator Ms Gundari Gombosed and Mrs Odna Adyadorj worked as interpreters during this seminar.


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