IMG_3138On March 23rd 2015, Enke Danzanbaljir President of ADMWE, Odna Adyadorj CEO, Gundari Gombosed Director of Media, Nominzul D. Board Member, Uyanga Sukhbaatar representative of the Mongolian Embassy in the UK, represented Mongolian Women at the House of Lords, UK Parliament  for the International Women’s Day event hosted by Rt. Hon. Baroness Verma, Under Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and Seema Malhotra MP, Shadow Minister for Preventing Violence against Women and Girls.

Three years ago, ADMWE first time attended this event where topics including domestic violence, trafficking, highlighting women’s political and economic participation were covered, every year since, ADMWE has joined the global truce campaign against domestic violence to work towards raising awareness on the importance of reducing domestic violence.

At the beginning of this year ADMWE sent a letter of  request to the Mongolian PM Saihanbileg Ch to include an amnesty law for victim’s of domestic violence, women currently serving prison term because they killed their husbands in self defence. So far one mother has received President Elbegdorj Tsahia’s pardon. Even though this is only one number, we can see our campaign has some result.

This year ADMWE has for the first time used this event to make a platform to raise awareness issue revolving Gender-Inequality especially regarding the gender pay gap in Mongolia in  the UK parliament.

Ms Enkhe, President of ADMWE has highlighted Gender pay gap inequality in Mongolia, in her speech “Inequality of genger gap is increasing from time to time and year to year, it showed in statistics in Mongolia, women are paid on average 20% less than the men and women in executive positions are paid 170000 tugrik less than male executive, this shows there is clearly some issues and she strongly urged that Mongolian government needs to pay attention”.

During closing time of the event Odna, CEO highlighted the work we have done on domestic violence.

This year’s International Women’s Day 2015 theme was “Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity: Picture It.” This event addressed the inclusion and equality of Women, protection and education of Girls and encouraging the leadership qualities of young adult females in the modern world.

Imagine a world where a female, no matter her age, can participate in politics, receive an education, have her own income, and dress and speak with no fear of discrimination or violence.

Imagine a world of equality and acceptance. The greatest achievements, accomplishments, studies, movements, amongst others all began with the start of an idea. It was the dedication and free will of the individual or groups to spread their ideas that make it into reality. They made it happen.

Overall, the event was such an inspirational for many of us and it gave us time to share views of gender equality and women’s right, women of all backgrounds and ages and young speakers  gave their opinion on empowering women.

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